Childcare Information

(Grove Kids for Pinterest and Mosaic)

Thank you for letting us play with your sweet children! We know you may have some questions. In order to provide the best childcare for your children and the best craft experience for you, please read over these guidelines.
How do I make reservations?
To make a reservation go the Events Facebook Page and state the ages of your child/children in the comments section. You are NOT reserving childcare by clicking “going” to the event.
Can I keep my child with me?
No. We ask that all children (except newborns up to 3 months old) be placed in the childcare provided. Please note that occasionally there are fumes from crafting materials that are not safe for infants or pregnant moms. We will make every effort to note this when the craft announcement is released.
What if my child can’t be away from me that long?
If your little one becomes ill or is not able to emotionally adjust to the childcare program, they will need to be removed from Grove Kids and be reunited with their mom. Because children are not allowed in the craft area, you will need to leave for the day. Please come back the following month, and let’s try again!
How do I cancel childcare my reservation?
If you have made a reservation for your child, please make every effort to be there or let us know via email you will not be able to make it ([email protected]) Repeated reservations made without attendance will impede your ability to make future reservations for childcare.
How old does my child need to be?
2 months and older. Little Sprouts Nursery is for children  2-23 months old. Grove Kids is for children 2 years old and up.
How do I know you have enough room for my children?
When you reply in the comments section on Facebook, Pinteresting Women of Hope will “LIKE” your comment. That means we’ve seen your request. Unless we reply with a message stating we are full and have no room for your child, you can assume your request has been accepted.
When do we arrive on the day of the event?
Check-In time begins at 9:20 and childcare reservations will be valid until 9:40 am. After this time your childcare slot will be open on a “first come first serve” basis to attendees without childcare reservations. If you do not have a reservation you may check availability after 9:40 am. Exceptions will be made if you’re a first time attender.
Who will be caring for my child?
Grove Kids is a program run by volunteers from Hope Fellowship. All of them have experience with children and have cleared a Child Abuse/Safety process which includes a criminal background check.  
What will my child do while I’m crafting or at Bible Study?
In addition to supervised play, your kids ages 2 and up will also be taught a Bible story from The Jesus Story Book Bible and play in our indoor bounce house. We will make every effort to keep them happy and safe.
What should I bring for my child?
Babies in Little Sprouts Nursery are allowed their own snack, cups and bottles. Children in diapers, pull ups or are potty training will need their own toiletry supplies. Please label all cups, bags and bottles. Removable labels are available at the check-in desk.
A snack will be provided for all children ages 2 and up. Except for Little Sprouts, please do not let your child bring their own food into Grove Kids. If they have food allergies, please note that on their information card.
Can I bring other children that aren’t mine?
Childcare is only available for craft participants. If you are taking care of children that are not yours, please discuss this with Michelle ahead of time. We are not equipped to manage childcare for children you provide daycare for, but we understand that you may occasionally have an extra child.