Handgun Policy

The elders of Hope Fellowship have enacted the following policy with respect to concealed and open carry of handguns on the Hope Fellowship Church campus:
  1. Those legally licensed to carry a handgun in the State of Texas or in a reciprocating handgun license state may practice concealed carry at Hope Fellowship.
  2. A guiding principle for us is that everyone in our worship services can worship God as free of distraction as possible, therefore, we respectfully prohibit the open carry of a firearm on our campus except by uniformed law enforcement personnel.
  3. Our greeters may respectfully request non law enforcement persons entering the facility openly carrying a firearm to either leave the campus or conceal their weapon.
  4. Due to our concern for the children present in our facility, we respectfully request that those choosing concealed carry do so with proper attention to stringent safety protocols.
Please contact the church office if there are any questions concerning this policy.